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IronCAP Live Demo

IronCAP is our latest innovation for the post-quantum cybersecurity. This patent-protected, post-quantum cryptographic system is based on the Goppa Code-based cryptographic technology. It has embedded our proprietary subclass of (L, G) making it not only more secured but also has faster cryptographic operations (key generation, encryption, decryption) than the traditional Goppa Code-based technology (McEliece). We are offering a live demonstration for the general public to try and experience the strength of IronCAP post-quantum encryption easily.


  • Anyone with a Facebook or Google account
  • Any country
  • You need to agree to the official Rules, Terms & Conditions as set forth in the signup process.

How it works

  • Register an account
  • Login to the account
  • Try the IronCAP encryption/decryption


  • Each demo account has a different set of keys
  • Files you have encrypted can ONLY be decrypted in your account

Try IronCAP encryption

  • Upload any file (Max: 2MB) to be encrypted
  • Click "Encrypt" to encrypt the uploaded file
  • The encrypted file will be downloaded

Try IronCAP decryption

  • Upload any file previously encrypted by IronCAP
  • Click "Decrypt" to decrypt the uploaded file
  • The decrypted file will be downloaded
    (files not encrypted by IronCAP will fail to decrypt)

How IronCAP Works

IronCAP is a post-quantum cryptography (PQC) technology that is safe against cyberattacks from classical computers as well as future attacks from quantum computers which have excessive computational power.

By combining both NIST-approved PQC algorithms as well as our own patent-protected quantum-safe technology, IronCAP Toolkits is designed to be used in all kinds of vertical solutions such as digital identity, email security, remote access, cloud storage, IoT, blockchain, financial transactions, etc.


The IronCAP Live Demo Agreement, as amended from time to time (the "Agreement"), applies when you access or use the Live Demo under this Agreement. In consideration for us providing you with access to the IronCAP Live Demo (Demo), you agree that this Agreement and any other applicable agreements will govern all matters pertaining to your Demo account with 01 Communique (the Company). You also agree to comply with all instructions we may give you in connection with accessing and using the Demo. The Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend or cancel your access to the Demo without giving you notice if we believe you are: (a) violating the IronCAP Live Demo Agreement; (b) tampering or attempting to tamper with the operation of the Demo or the Company’s websites; (c) using it inappropriately or if there is unusual activity in or relating to your Live Demo Account; (d) violating the terms of service, conditions of use and/ or general rules or guidelines of any of the Company's property or service and/ or (e) acting with the intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person. Not all of the same functionality or features are accessible or available for the Live Demo accounts as may be available for an active IronCAP business account. The Company may modify the functionalities and services without giving notice to you. In no event will we, or our affiliates, be liable to you or others for any damages, direct, indirect, consequential or special, including, without limitation, losses, costs, expenses, loss of profits or loss of business revenues out of the existence, furnishing, or functioning of the Demo, or any act or omission in connection with you accessing the Demo and the Company’s websites.

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