IronCAP Toolkits

Our IronCAP Toolkits allows vendors of a wide variety of vertical applications to easily transform their products to ensure safety against cyber attacks from not only the classical world of computers today but also against future attacks from quantum computers.

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Vertical Applications Integration

Our IronCAP Toolkits can be used by vendors, for example, to build highly secure systems for blockchain security, IoT devices, data storage, remote access, encryption, digital signing, etc. Our NIST-approved post-quantum cryptography (PQC) technologies can protect our customers against ever-evolving illegitimate and malicious means of gaining access to their data, not only from computers today but also from quantum computers in the future. To ensure seamless integration, our IronCAP Toolkits is compliant with the OpenSSL, PKCS#11 and OpenPGP (RFC4880) industry standards.

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Emails/Files Encryption

IronCAP Post-Quantum Cryptography can be used to encrypt emails so that only the intended recipient can read them. It can also be used to provide quantum-safe file encryption for sensitive files such as personal finances and confidential documents.

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Digital Signature

IronCAP Post-Quantum Cryptography can be used to digitally sign electronic documents such as emails or files to certify their authenticity to recipients.

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IronCAP allows all blockchain vendors including cryptocurrencies to digitally sign their new blocks to ensure security today, and in tomorrow's post-quantum world.

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Remote Access/VPN

IronCAP can help remote access and VPN vendors to guarantee the privacy of their remote access channels today, and in tomorrow's post-quantum world.

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Password Management

Password management vendors (e.g. one-time password) can use IronCAP to generate passwords with unpredictability to safeguard against cyber attack today, and against tomorrow's quantum computers.

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Credit Card Security

Smart card on credit cards or smartphones using IronCAP to encrypt data can provide security from today to tomorrow's post-quantum world.

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Cloud Storage

IronCAP Post-Quantum Cryptography can ensure data in a cloud storage be safe against hackers now and in the post-quantum world.

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Website Security

Vulnerability of web site identification and channel privacy today and in the post-quantum world can be plugged by using IronCAP to encrypt their channel session keys.

How IronCAP Works

IronCAP is a post-quantum cryptography (PQC) technology that is safe against cyberattacks from classical computers as well as future attacks from quantum computers which have excessive computational power.

By combining both NIST-approved PQC algorithms as well as our own patent-protected quantum-safe technology, IronCAP Toolkits is designed to be used in all kinds of vertical solutions such as digital identity, email security, remote access, cloud storage, IoT, blockchain, financial transactions, etc.

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