IronCAP at SiberX 3.0 addresses - Are today's encryption standards ready for Quantum attacks?

IronCAP alongside their team of expert panelists addressed Quantum-Safe encryption. With mounting cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure such as oil & gas industries, banking and healthcare platforms, are service providers prepared to react to the national warning against quantum attacks by adopting the next generation encryption protocols?

Quantum-Safe Webinar with William Gee and Samuel Sinn at PwC China

Panelist, William Gee and Samuel Sin Partners at PwC China, address a pertinent cybersecurity question - What is the overall awareness of quantum threat given the recent fast pace development in quantum technology? (In your respective markets).

Quantum-Safe Webinar with Florin Filip from CGI Montreal

Panelist, Florin Filip Director at CGI Innovation Centre, addresses a pertinent cybersecurity question - What are the current efforts on tackling quantum threat (respective markets) market-wide including government and science efforts? Additionally, what are the key issues?

Quantum-safe solution jointly presented by PwC China and IronCAP

PwC China and IronCAP are working together to address the looming quantum threat by combining PwC China’s experience and knowledge on digital risk and security and IronCAP's quantum-safe and mathematically proven Goppa code-based and Hash-based cryptography. IronCAP provides the capabilities to protect against today and tomorrow's malicious attacks.

IronCAP X Tutorial

Tutorial of our newest launch, IronCAP X. The world's most proven, quantum-safe, end-to-end encryption. It seamlessly integrates with existing systems and protects your data with its unique technology and digital signatures. For more information, visit here.

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