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Why Partner with IronCAP

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Innovative Technology

Combining many years of proven expertise in the field, IronCAP's crypto-scientists have created an encryption technology that's not only quantum-safe but also more efficient and safer than existing cryptography. It is built on the longest time-tested (almost 50 years) Goppa code-based theory recognized by the world of post-quantum cryptography. IronCAP has been endorsed by industry experts and proven "un-hackable" in multiple global hackathons.

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Future of Cybersecurity

IronCAP's patent-protected post-quantum cryptography is designed to be used in all kinds of vertical solutions such as digital identity, email/file encryption, remote access/VPN, cloud storage, 5G/IoT, blockchains, financial transactions, etc. IronCAP lets you stay ahead of cyber threats today and in the quantum computing era.

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Seamless Integration

To empower vendors to transform their applications or systems seamlessly to quantum-safe, IronCAP has developed an API that's compliant with the PKCS#11 and OpenPGP (RfC4880) industry standard. It is available for all major operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, Android and Apple iOS.

Industry Leader

Utilizing the IronCAP Toolkits, we have developed the industry's first quantum-safe email encryption software, IronCAP X that everyone can use today on their classical computers. Besides setting a precedent for developing a practical solution using IronCAP's post-quantum cryptography, we can also help vendors to become the First Movers of their respective solutions for the quantum computing era.

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